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Steps on Hiring a Singing Coach
After you have mastered the skills of vocal training and want to take one step further into your singing career, you need to seriously think about hiring a singing coach. As with any teacher or instructor the job of a singing coach is to help you adapt your vocal qualities to suit your style, as not everyone has the same abilities as others.

You would need to find someone who has heard your singing voice before, even if this was done through a consultation or you have sent them a sample of what you are capable of. A truly gifted singing coach would be able to spot talent instantly and can aspire to coach you accordingly based on your needs. Every singer can improve their vocal skills but adapting their pitch to high or low can be challenging for a lot of people.
Importance of a Consultation
Before you hastily jump into an agreement with any singing coach you need to be certain that they can deliver what you need. You should have a very good notion of where you want to see improvement, your present skills and your perceived end product, whether it is one song or general attributes. Building a strong relationship with your singing coach will create a bond which could lead to friendship, connections and a fun experience. You want to be sure that the coaching will not be hours of boring and repetitive lessons but will engage you in a positive way.

It is highly recommended that you propose a one session consultation or sample lesson where you can tell whether the time has been constructive and useful for your needs. Remember that what you want and what the singing coach envisages may be 2 completely different things so you will need to speak to them to find a healthy balance to what the both of you foresee. This does not mean that you have to surrender your dreams but reality can sometimes hit hard so be prepared to accept useful criticism, when needed.
Check Referrals and CV of Singing Coaches
Unless the singing coach has been recommended to you by family or close friends do not blindly commit yourself before you have done the proper checks. It is pretty simple to find online information and feedback from past students but do not be afraid to request this from potential candidates. If they refuse or appear reluctant then something is not right and you might be better off moving onto the next.

Past experience is also imperative to see how long the singing coach has been in business and places they worked in the past. From here you can easily obtain a reference from past employers. Decent coaches usually highlight their achievements but never take their word for it. Pick up the phone or search online and get this information yourself.
Singing Genres
You might consider yourself a pop singer rather than rock or R&B but singing coaches are usually excellent at spotting the strengths and weaknesses in your vocal abilities so it would be good to find common ground after your first coaching session. There are plenty more singing genres to consider and which would demand specific skills you might or might not have at the moment. It would have to be the singing coach to decide whether there is a possibility, however minimal, to suit your requirements.

Your past vocal lessons and practice would have led you to believe that your strength lies with a particular genre but do not dismiss anything until you have sat down and discussed this with your coach.
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